OMNA Inc Tourniquet

The world’s only wearable tourniquet engineered for the water incorporated into a one-of-a-kind surf leash.  
Ocean Safety Products is an Authorised Distributor for OMNA Inc.

*In Stock – Buy Now*

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Western Australia Personal Shark Deterrent Rebate

The Western Australian Government is offering a rebate of $200 to 1,000 Western Australians residents that purchase an approved personal shark deterrent device. Surfing personal shark deterrents are currently in testing, and should be available in the coming months.

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BEN Signage System

The Beach Emergency Number (BEN) Signage System was launched at Gearies Beach in April 2017.  Each sign includes information such as nearby crossroads, emergency phone numbers and coordinates that beach users can share with rescue services to facilitate locating an emergency.

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